Young people are the musicians and audiences of the future who will keep the splendor of symphonic music going forward. They’re impressionable, curious and passionate; ready to feel and understand. For all these reasons, Park Ridge Civic Orchestra is committed to bringing the music to the next generation in many ways.

The PRCOrchestra offers extremely low-priced tickets to guests age 18 and under. High school students and families with several children can easily attend our performances, including our Halloween concert and Holiday concert; both community traditions. We play world-famous classics, thrilling movie scores, and more – music that makes symphony-lovers out of audiences in every age group!

We also give talented young musicians meaningful on-stage experience, playing with our professional orchestra at the Pickwick Theatre. Students from Emerson and Lincoln Middle Schools have played side-by-side with the orchestra for our Halloween concert, and Maine South High School musicians have joined the orchestra on the 1812 Overture.

Inexpensive Ticket Prices for Youth

Thanks to our generous sponsors who want to make symphonic music available to families and teens, PRCOrchestra offers extremely low ticket prices for patrons under 21. There's no better way for families to enjoy a hassle-free cultural event together, or for teens to afford a special evening out. We think this extraordinary music should be for everyone!

Youth tickets are $5.

In-School Music Workshops

Our professional musicians also conduct in-school programs, workshops and mentoring, with support from the Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council, Illinois Arts Council, and District 64 Band and Parents Organization.  One popular program, our Musical Instrument Workshop, introduces children to the sights and sounds of instruments from around the world. Tailored to each school’s and teacher’s requests, this workshop can be presented to one classroom or a group assembly. An emphasis on science, acoustics, social studies and more is an optional added benefit to this fun, educational presentation.

If you are interested in a PRCOrchestra program at your school, please contact us,
847-692-PRCO (7726) |

Student Scholarships

The PRCOrchestra offers an annual scholarship competition for high school seniors. All 12th grade instrumentalists from high schools in Park Ridge and the greater Chicago area are welcome to apply. With the support of Park Ridge Rotary and other civic groups, the PRCOrchestra Student Scholarship Program has awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships. Winners may also be eligible to perform publicized recitals in venues including the Park Ridge Public Library.

Results of the 2017 PRCOrchestra Scholarship competition are in, and we thank all who applied and auditioned. Learn more about this year's winning students here.

Applications for our 2018 PRCOrchestra Scholarship will open in the fall.